Healing Sanctuary of Light Workers

At the Healing Sanctuary of Light Workers we dedicate our lives to enlighten your Body, Mind and Spirit through our Spiritual knowledge. We work profoundly to help you become the new you, the person you were meant to be…

“A wise and healing spirit, who can heal others with her hands and wise counsel, Yolanda can touch your heart with the transforming, healing of love, healing you on the physical, emotional and mental level. If you are searching for a better way and don’t know where to turn, Yolanda’s gentle touch can help you to reach your potentials.

Jack uses wit and humor to create a unique healing experience. The energy flowing through him uplifts others and inspires them. He brings Father God energy to earth for a powerful healing, an unforgettable experience.” – Lynda (Healer, Guide and Reiki Master Teacher, Florida).

Reiki Classes are forming, please call to reserve your spot.

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Rev. Yolanda Akin / call 727-512-9754    Rev. Jack Akin / call: 727-512-9305

jackakin@tampabay.rr.com     Clearwater Florida 33759

May the gentle healing of mother nature soothe your soul and rejuvenate your SPIRIT